work ethics: Appearance

Appearance s the outward look of a person. Society as a whole is judged by their appearance. Physical appearance in humans is important for personality and social relations.

When a person goes on an interview the first thing that the interview notices is your appearance. The interviewer notices if you are correctly dresses, neat, no loud perfumes, no over use of make-up, nails neat and clean,teeth are brushed and so on. You also have to be confident in your skills

If you have your personal web page that you want your employeer to view then it need to be professional. Don’t have and profanity or any explicit pictures on the site. This can cause you the job.

In summary dress for success!!!

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work ethics: Leadership

Leadership is the process of social infuence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

There are nine characters to being a good leader. These qualities are self-esteem, the need to achieve, having the ability to screen for opportunities, locus of control, goal orientation, optimism, courage, tolerance to ambiguity,and strong internal motivaton. Having  these qualities will make you a good leader.

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Work Ethics:Self-Esteem

Self esteem is a person’s evaluation or apprasial of his/her own self worth. Self esteem is what you think about your self.

People with a healthy self esteem firmly believe in values and principals, are able to act accordingly, do obsess over things that happen in the past, trust in their problem solving abilities, know that they are equal to others(not better),know that they are valuable to the  people in their lives,can collaborate with others, know and admit their feelings,are able to enjoy different activities, and are sensitive to others feelings.

Having these qualities about your self will make you a better friend, wife, boss or employee and more. Believing in your self will also help you when you are trying to futher your education. Just believe and you can achieve.

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Work Ethics-Character

Character is important because it defines you as an individual. It sculps and defines you. It has been said that character is what you do when you think no one is watching. I think that that mean that, if you are not proud of the things that you do then why do you do it? You are not being true to yourself if you can’t perform your tasks in the light. Being “shadie” is not a good character trait. If you can’t be true to yourself then you will find youself by yourself.

When you are at work or school your character comes into play. If your character is good then people will begin to trust you. Trust is a must for me. I realize that working as a team builds character.

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Work Ethics-Respect

RESPECT!!!! Respect comes in many forms (for other people, respect for people’s property, and  most importantly, respect for oneself. If you want others to give you respect, you must first learn how to give respect to yourself.

Respect means”deferential esteem felt or shown towards a person or quality.” That is the book’s definition. To me respect is taking pride within yourself. Treat others the way you want to be treated(that could include friends, family, and enemies).

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Work Ethics-TEAMWORK

Teamwork is important when more than one person is trying to accomplish a unified goal. In order to accomplish any goals you need to find a solution to your short term goals, to find your long term goals. There is no I in TEAM. There must be active listening in a team. There must be direction to know where to start and to know where you are going. As a team we must understand that no one person always have the correct answer to one question. As a team we can come up with many more answer to one question.

In order to achieve we must believe. We must believe in each other to accomplish our TEAM’S goals.

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How is Youtube changing today’s society?

Youtube, along with anything can be abused by the best and worse of us. There are many positive things that you can do on Youtube(listen to music, look at videos,keep up with the news, find information). There is a setback due to some people want to take these kinds of sites to defame another.

I would probally would not have seen this video due to the fact that I really just started using Youtube, and taking the time out of this very busy school schedule. Electronic Communications has opened my mind to the World Wide Wed.

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Communication is a vital part of life. We communicate every day in one form or another. Some ways of communication are non-verbal, written, listening, and telephone.

Non- verbal is communication with expressions Whether is’s thru body,or facial expressions. There is also sign-language for the hearing impaired. Written communication, is writting, or typing what’s need to be known. there is also listening. We all have to lisen to be able to understand what another person is trying to communicate; which brings us to the telephone. The majority of the young and old have these types of communication devices.

Communication is knowing how to communicate effectively lets whom you are trying to convey a message to receive it as toy perceive it.

I think that I can improve my communication skills by listening to instructions more carefully.

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Work-Ethics Productivity

Productivity is developing proper work habits. Having good work habits can expand your horizons and work experience. Good work habits involve following rules and good safe practices. It is very important to read directions and procedures before starting a new task.

I think that I can improve my productivity by reading ALL of the directions before starting and assignment instead of assuming that I know the ending of the directions.  If I do that then I think that I would have a better understanding of what to accomplish.

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Work related injuries

Working with computers for long periods of time can increase your chance of developing an injury.  Muscle and joint pain, over use of injuries of the upper body, eyestrain can come frome inappropriate computer use.

Back and neck pain, headaches, and shoulder and arm pain come frome bad posture and sitting for long periods of time. Preventions: Use adjustanble chairs, position the monitor so that it is either at eye level or slightly lower. Adjust your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor. Prevention tips for overuse: keep your mouse at the same height as your correctly positioned keyboard.Type lightly and gently. Remove the hands from the keyboard when not typing. Eyestrain: Primary light source, tilt monitor to eliminate reflections, make sure computer is not too close, have regulare eye exames.

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